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By: Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

The WAY for you. For NOT to SWEAT the SMALL PROBLEM.


  1. Don't fade your friend
  2. State yourself that you can change the situation
  3. The earth never end only cause of you broken heart
  4. Practice Aikido mentality
  5. Don't say "I KNOW" so often went you speak
  6. Read this probability (probability that everyone will happy with you)
  7. Out from urgent situation
  8. Take your hairstyle in presence
  9. Don't dramatize situation
  10. Fly!
  11. Don't be people that like to find other person's mistake
  12. Let he/she take an accident by him/herself
  13. Be careful for choosing
  14. Peace with your mistake
  15. Be happy when someone happy
  16. Give your free time
  17. Check rooms in your think
  18. Ask friends or family that you believe, "What is my weak side?"
  19. Support the be beaten
  20. Peace with boring
  21. Don't let the boring trick you
  22. Don't want to be a violence of your friend's boring
  23. State your choose like a intersection way
  24. Do many sport
  25. Be a special people
  26. Write in your writing
  27. Don't hope your life is easy or without problem
  28. Brave to show your enthusiasm
  29. Find your peace with giving things to other
  30. Decrease your critic habitual, up to 25%
  31. Evade
  32. Let new idea find in your thinking
  33. Early prepare
  34. Avoid 90 – 10 trap
  35. Be a leader
  36. Don't let yourself not importance
  37. Trash the panic for finish a job
  38. Look for probability that shown
  39. Practice for not sweat the small problem
  40. Don't secret your sadness
  41. Make a good first looking
  42. Be careful with the trap "mock you"
  43. Enjoy the unperfect side so perfect
  44. Brave for show the etichal attitude
  45. Be "immune button"
  46. Believe with your spiritual mentality
  47. Spare your time for looking the sunset
  48. Reading, minimal 8 pages
  49. Make a room in your heart for bad situation
  50. Don't make a serious problem for future
  51. Healthy and full energy life
  52. Visit your parents
  53. Realize the decrease output law
  54. Improve your existence
  55. Remind yourself that no one will hate you
  56. Do it by your best
  57. Be careful with you speak
  58. creative
  59. let other for speaking
  60. Reflect with the the earth
  61. Give a praise
  62. Don't burn the bridge
  63. Understand with focus law
  64. Use notices
  65. Thanks to be adolescent
  66. Try to listen so deep
  67. Be careful with friends that will fall you in they problem
  68. Make a special room for yourself
  69. Remember for thanks to each other
  70. Read the small font
  71. Find smooth
  72. Don't let your problem become bigger
  73. Make a theme for one day
  74. Make scale 1 - 10
  75. Be optimist
  76. Emphaty
  77. Practice yoga move
  78. Be careful for avoid not happy situation
  79. Cut your loss
  80. Check your main title
  81. Realize your parents do right things
  82. Decrease your big head feeling
  83. Remember always do good attitude
  84. Not to serious for the critic
  85. Understand with the four pillar

    pillar#1 – what

  86. Pillar#2 – when
  87. Pillar#3 – way
  88. Pillar#4 – truth
  89. Tame your anger
  90. Don't be the deal receiver
  91. Don't be finder of deal too
  92. Keep your humor
  93. State that you have done a mistake
  94. Remember that everyone can get happy life
  95. Don't let yourself flow follow the flow
  96. Practice unready situation
  97. Remember if one door is close, other door will open
  98. Embrace "It will done" attitude
  99. Listen for sign alarm
  100. Continue your life

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