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China is one of big country in the world. It is the biggest country with many people live in this country. China famous for the products too. Many people want to use it because the price is so cheap and the think which they buy can replace the expensive one which produces on another country. Do you have ever been or always use china products? Maybe it’s electronic, food, or medicine. Is china’s products good for you or the opposite? Do you know that some china’s products are in controversy now? Especially on food, medicine, and meat. Controversy against china products start from babies and children on china and on another country are died by consuming the products. Controversial of China’s food products caused by using melamine, unhealthy medicine, and importing of rotten meat.

On some food products from china, are known using melamine. They use melamine for the products which must using milk. They aim on using melamine is for coagulate milk and for giving lower cost on production. On the process of making food which use milk, when milk is still a few volume, if they use water for pouring the milk, the milk will have low viscosity and they must adding some milk again for getting good viscosity on the milk. Adding milk is more expensive than adding melamine. So, they choose using melamine to coagulate milk. As if, consuming food which use melamine can give negative effect for us. Such as, activate the carcinogenic cell or on another word can make us suffering cancer. The China’s products which use melamine are Oreo, M&M’s chocolate, Snickers, Mentos, Dove, Want Want One Baby Bites, and Dutch Lady Milk.

Traditional medicine from china can give negative effect to our body. Some people like for using this medicine. It caused by people believe that china traditional medicine is so effective to cure their problem, such as sick, painful, cough, cancer, and also heart disease. For example china traditional product always use by the people are Fong Se Wan, Chuifong Toukuwan, Pacegin Kapsul, Tangrat Flu, Cahtin Brand Hao Zhou San, San Oi Louhan Chuanbei Plus Capsule, and N-Hanz. Yet, china traditional products are known contains many chemical substances which give in high dosage that can give negative effect for the consumer. Many chemical substances are cibutramin hydroclorida, cildenafil citrate, ciproheptadin, fenilbutason, mefenamat acid, prednison, metampiron, teofilin and parasetamol. All of that substance can obtain headache, confuse, dyspepsia, infark miokard, anemia, diarhea, leucopenia, kidney failure, trompositopenia, insomnia, heart disease, and lung disease.

Rotten meat, such as chicken, is produced from china too. For many people around the world, eat rotten meat is forbidden and can cause negative effect to them. Dead meats are processed on china because it can buy by lower cost but can be sold on high cost. The rotten meat also use fomaldehid (formalin) for long term of saving. Imagine, meat from dead animal which use formalin for long term saving are consumed by us. The butcher only care about their right, they don’t care of people safe. Consuming rotten meat will cause cancer, headache, confuse, stroke, high pressure of blood, and lung disease.

People believe china product is very useful. Nevertheless, it becomes different when knowing about how the processed of china’s products. Some of china product can give negative effect to our healthy. Like using melamine on food, unhealthy china traditional medicine, and meat from dead animal can give us unhealthy condition. Sometimes, china product is produced on hongkong too. So, be aware for using china product.

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