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#YOTmeeting : Good Job Kenny!

#YOTmeeting, January 29th, 2011

"Good Job Kenny!"

Three words which are so meaningful for me before all of meeting participants went home. Three words came from my favourite writer and now he becomes my mentor, Billy Boen. It was so amazing, when you hear it from the person who inspire you in your life. 

On Saturday, January 29th, 2011, I got the opportunity to speak in front of Young On Top Campus Ambassador from all of Indonesia about a topic . The participant were who directly come in the meeting also come by Online software connected with Indline. (Indline is a software which can be use to hear all radio programs from Kis FM when you online. With using it, you can chatting with each other, radio streaming, and know about the condition with video streaming). 

In the meeting, there are always a topic which would be discussed. The discussing topic, will be selected after the speaker was selected. The topics which selected are related to YOT values and Youth Development. If we speak about this topics, it will make you one step ahead to keep on track. This topic was the basic need for personal, organization, and company. Once you have it, it will make you different to others people. It will make you become a leader. Guess what?. It is about VISION.

We always heared about vision in organization or in a campaign to choose the President of Republic of Indonesia, Leader of Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa, and So on. Simple meaning of Vision is what we thinks, what we dreams of, and what we hopes. Maybe all of you bored if we just speak about vision. Nevertheless, most people live without vision. They run their live like water. Just follow the flow from high into low position. Their live seems just being a follower not a trendsetter. I think, if your don't have vision for your life, it just make your live become bored and stagnant without a significant progress.

Vision will make you one step ahead to reach what you want. If we are a train, and you don't have a vision, the railway is unfinished. But, if you have a vision, the railway will be built one by one to reach goals. Having a vision is more than having an ideas. Why? because it is one more step ahead than ideas and objectives. It has parameters about how many, how much, and how long. 

However, there are so many people which confuse how to make a vision. To build a vision, there are SMART principe which you can follow. SMART stands for Specific, Measureable, Achieveable, Realistic, and Time.  

5 important thing about vision :
1. To build the vision, just dream about  what you want
2. It needs tools. Like networking, team, and so on
3. Making a vision needs step by step to build it
4. Don't ever thing to change other vision
5. Need process and time

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