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Become Fastrack Fellows

"Please keep focus on your racing line and make your fast track for your best lap!"

Those communication was made when a F1 racing were held. Yeah, different with others who like football or basketball as their sport, for me I like RACING VERY MUCH. I like F1 and wanna watch it not only on TV but real. I'm not F1 driver or crew. When I'm child I want become F1 Driver. In reality, I can't haha. But, till now I like racing. :)

This is one of my favourite F1 team, Ferrari on Fastrack!

I don't want to tell you much about F1, but I want tell you about Fastrack programme. As I attend to the meeting of All fastrack fellows with DIKTI, there must an obligation for the fellows to keep update what they are doing in the university while they take the graduated degree in University of Indonesia. So, this time I want to update about fastrack programme first.

What is Fastrack? Fastrack is one of programme which the undergraduate student in final term study (term 7) can also become first term of their graduated degree. So, they who taken this programme will have double status for their study at university (undergraduated and graduated student). It is new programme in my university and I become one of fellows. The advantage if you take it, you can get your master degree with just only 1 year addition after graduated from normal undergraduated study (4 years). It means that, with sum up 5 years, you can hold two degree (Bachelor and Master degree). This programme make you can invest your age.

The scholarship cover all of your tuition fee at university and term fee. FYI, this is my first scholarship which I get when I'm on university. Happy? Absolutely :) . My BOP is full, I don't take any relief (read : BOP-B) since the first time I went to University of Indonesia. It is because me and my parents idealism for not taken the right which other people must taken it. Although, we are small happy family with many outcome but surely, we do our best for ability to pay all the fee in university. From elementary to senior high school, I don't pay anything for school because always got scholarship. But, this is difference condition when I went to university. I remember when I wanted to apply many scholarship in university. There so much scholarship, but most of them are available for unability people. The scholarship which I want is an achievement scholarship, and I got it in the 7th term of my study. Very happy when I the fee since my 7th term until I graduated for my master degree all is FREE. Feel many thanks to DIKTI for this scholarship offering. :)

Before, my dream is wanna take my master degree at university outside Indonesia, such as Germany or Japan. Both of countries are suitable for engineering student. When I knew that this fastrack programme offer for double degree option, this give me an chance for reaching my dream to take master degree at both of country. My option target for reaching the double degree are TU Munchen-Germany, Tohoku University-Japan, or maybe Nanyang Technological University in Singapore will be also suitable for engineering and become one of my target.
My Choice (three of them are holding F1 Race :D)

Your future lies on your own effort and your hard work! All The Best!
-Kenny Lischer-

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