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My Research Journey : Part 1

The "HITS" word : Reseach 

It's been long time, I never updated this blog. There was a lot of activity which I must do, especially in this term which are lecturing, research, my responsibility as Digital Director of Young On Top Campus Ambassador, doing my PLP, teaching in Rumbel KITA, and other activities. It was very challenging to me because I must manage the time and organize it well. All must done nicely and accurately. 

In this time, I want to share about one of my activity that become the top of my priorities in this term : My Reseach! :D

Since this is my last term in university (amin), all students must done their thesis. For chemical engineering and bioprocess technology student, the thesis can be conduct in two ways which are research laboratory (lab basah) or modelling (lab kering). Both of them are different in doing their research. For research laboratory, we must do research about something that we propose to know the effect of our state of the art. For modelling, we make a model of what kind of topic that we propose, we make the model from any source of data. Both of them have their own characteristic and challenge. How about me? I choose research laboratory because I want have experience in doing my research, proving my hypothesis while doing research in laboratory.

My research journey was begin at February 2011, when I am in the 6th semester of my university. In chemical engineering and bioprocess technology have difference culture amongs others regarding with this thesis task. We must prepare it from 6th semester with the objective to steal the start, prepare for them who want to graduated in just 3,5 years, and propose on PKM (Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa) to get funding for our research. 

and My Long Journey was begin...

Choosing the Topics

On my journey for getting the topics was epic. I must search the topic which I want. For you who want to search the topic for your thesis, I recommend you to choose from what you are strong and passionate to do it. In my case, I have interest in bioenergy and also biotechnology focusing on food and pharmaceutical field. When I get my advisor, I got the topic related with food and pharmaceutical field. 

I had change my topic one time due to the equipment to conduct research from my first topic was broken. The equipment will be ready to use in June 2012, means that that time is when I must defense my thesis in front of all adjudicator. My thesis topic was change. I realize this new topic was not easy to do. It was more challenging to do than my first topic.

What do you guest if you heard about HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)?

HIV Virus

Some of you will state this is very bad disease and you will not want to close or playing with this virus.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a lentivirus (a member of the retrovirus family) that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), a condition in humans in which progressive failure of the immune system allows life-threatening opportunistic infections and cancer to thrive

But you know what, this is my thesis topics!!! 

I must extracted the enzyme from Maluku crown-of-thorn starfish plancitoxin (Acanthaster planci) to prove it's ability as antiviral agent to HIV virus. From my hypothesis, the enzyme can work effectively with this virus. But, I still need to prove it on my research.

Acanthaster planci from Maluku

On Going Research
This research make me had opportunity to more than 5 research lab and research center : BPPT, PUSPIPTEK, Farmasi UI, DTK UI, LIPI Cibinong (Bakosurtanal), and IHVCB (Institute of Human Virology and Cancer Biology). This was rare chance. Not all student can have opportunity to research in more than 5 place for their thesis. 

Not only that, my formal advisor were only 2 person, Prof. Dr. Ir. Anondho W., M.Eng and Dr. Amarila Malik. But in fact I have 5 advisor and 1 supervisor for doing this research beside those 2 mentioned people there are Dr. Eng. Muhammad Sahlan, S.Si, M.Eng., Dr. dr. Fera from FK UI, Dr Aroem from IHVCB, and Bu Imelda as my supervisor to do this research. What a superb!

I realize that this is very big research project which I have get involved. Although sometime I feel this is outside my sense to choose this topic. Maybe this is the best suite way which I must done. I know that Allat swt, had already choose the best pathway for me. I believe that, someday it will be a good history for me and for my awakening point.

I had already choose my topics. As the consequences, I must take full responsibility to able to prove that my hypothesis this enzyme can become an antiviral agent of HIV. If this proven, it will become the potency to develop this enzyme as cure medicine for whom suffer HIV AIDS not only in Indonesia but also in the world. We use our local potency of Indonesia for solving our national and global problem. 

I have try to extract the enzyme two times but there was still not have good result. Bismillah, now this is the third time for extracting the enzyme. Don't despair cause Allah swt is always by your side. This research still on going, I hope the best support and pray from you that my research will running well and also to graduated in this term. Amin

The best you can do is all you can do.

Your future lies on your best effort and your hard work. All the best :D

see ya in the next part of my research journey. Hopefully, in next part I share about the result from this research.

Thank You

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