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My Research Journey : Part II

2 months ago, I didn't get the good experiment result which I and my advisor expected. 

Not only those stuff, there were so much things that I must done 2 months ago. Leading a national wide youth organization @YoungOnTop, start the iniative of relawan baca, become the team for making new , doing PLP also BLP from YLI, and sometimes I teach children in Rumah Belajar (RUMBEL) KITA at Cimanggis, Depok. I got fun when do all this things. But sometimes, I'm still need to practice for better multitasking and time management because there was just 24/7 not 25/8. Thanks to God, I have finish all.

with children at RUMBEL KITA  (anis, tania, dan dila) when had an educational trip to Ragunan

My new initiative

Young Leaders for Indonesia FORUM I

This my new creation >>New

Campaign for environtment

Moreover, the deadline was coming closer. It just 2 weeks ahead before the thesis must submitted and did an oral defence. This is not the end of the problem. As a result which my experiment result wasn't good, my advisor planned to change my topic. Oh GOD..

I just could said to my own heart,"Your future lies on your effort and your hard work, All the best"

Pray and Work Hard is just two things which I could do in this limit time. 1 week before the deadline, my experiment occur good result but there are just little part of my research was had not good result. So glad, this data help me very much and I can continue to finish my thesis with just little change of my topic.

I was glad. 25 June 2012, I did my oral defense of my thesis. I'm done it! this is just half of my research journey. There are still long way road to go. I must done all the research targets within in the next one year. This research will become my graduate thesis topic. I hope this time I can done it and give the best result from my experiment result. 

After oral defense

I'm still exist in this world in the recent time. Realizing I am still continue my study in Graduate degree at UI in the next one year, so I can't apply for any job recruitment. Hopefully in the future. In the next one year, I'm still wanna "life" my dreams not as "student" but as "human". There still much dreams which not done to chase,

I want continue my initiative about relawan baca ( want continue teaching at rumbel KITA as long as I can I want have independent income. make start-up focusing on IT and biotech stuff.I want go around somewhere outside java in Indonesia and go outside Asia. I want start write my own book.I want to get closer to Allah SWT by truly doing the worship and away from the ban.

Oya special for this paragraph, I wrote this, when I was in Tidung Island and my best friends were go as "Pengajar Muda" in the mission to fulfill one of Indonesian goal, improve intellectual life of the nation. Separate with distance but it still cover with same flag and sky. Excited about the experience in the next one years start from this month. I think, after all of this done, it will full of many stories and inspirations but I am still don't know about what will happen after this part of life was done. 

Talking about future as what I've said above,"Your future lies on your effort and your hard work, All the best"

Do your best, and let God do the rest :)

Before end of this part, I want you to see campaign video about safe our environtment and Ecouture 2012 Event which was done on March 2012 which will still continue in 2013 :)

See ya! :))

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  1. What an experience you had, thank you for sharing, your posts are inspiring. Now I'm starting to build my blog, so (I hope) I can follow your successful pathway to bulid my own life :)