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Sayonara 2014 and Moshi-moshi 2015

@ Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto, Japan

Time flies. 2014 already past. We faced 2015 now. So, this is my summary of what I've done in 2014 :

Evaluation of 2014

  • Get PhD and scholarship in abroad university. Start to study in 2014 = I got at NAIST in Bessho Lab, Gene Regulation Research(10)
  • Increase praying, fasting, and shadaqah = Alhamdulillah better than last year (7)
  • Follow 2 International conference as speaker or poster presenter = nope (0)
  • Go to other Indonesia province (outside java) = yes, I go to sumatra and lombok (10)
  • Become good young lecturer and work hard for both research and project! = still must have much learning (6)
  • Write a book = yes, two book! but I'm just become co-author : Kumpulan Gagasan Pennerus Bangsa and Protein Engineering (8)
  • Start a social activities = nope (0)
  • Cardio and Workout also Decrease body weight into 70 kg! = yeah, I got it (10)
  • Resurrect my activity in blog and all social media. Viewer of this blog will reach more than 100,000 = yap, done nicely (10)
  • Financial target : IDR 50,000,000 in the end of 2014 = alhamdulillah, more than my target (10)
Main resolution result = (10+7+0+10+6+8+0+10+10+10) = 71
Introduce my sensei. Left : Nakahata sensei, centre : Bessho sensei, right : Matsui sensei
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
All lab member at Lab Trip in Fukui
One of book that I write this year : Kumpulan Gagasan Penerus Bangsa. Another one will published by DIKTI
This the evidence that I already got 70 kg!! (it was before I come to Japan)

besides my main resolution target, there is also other things that I done :
- Got my first diving license from Association of Diving School International and already become Advance Diver. Thank you to Prof. Anondho who pushed and thought me how to dive

My second diving for 22m depth! @ Pulau Pramuka and got Advance Diver License

- Experiencing my first independent ceremony (August 17th, 2014) under the sea, at Pulau Angso Duo sea, Padang
Under the sea independent ceremony
- Finish 5k and 8k marathon :D
My first running. 5k marathon

My second running : 8k marathon

- Become finalist in Singularity University, held by Nasa and Indonesian Technology
When I present my paper in Singularity University
- learn ninon go. 私の日本語わちょとわかりました。:D
After finishing Japanese Trial Class in NAIST
- introduce Indonesian culture to japan people. and perform Poco-poco dance at Wai-wai festival and Ikoryu
Introduce Indonesian culture and perform Poco-poco dance in Wai-wai festival

Perform poco-poco dance in Ikoryu festival
- Sightseeing japan. Go around nara, fukui, and kyoto. Also follow some festival in Japan. Here is my documentation :

Weird photo in lab trip with Wong-san


All lab member that follow ekiden festival

Me and Daning-san welcome party with lab member

After crafting bamboo art


Hallo shinkansen

@ bamboo door, fukui

@ dino lab, fukui

Although my main resolution was not done completely. But I done more besides my main resolution. So my score in 2014 will be : 85


The best things that I got were become PhD student in NAIST, Japan and reduced my weight from 86 kg into 65 kg! Those two are incredible things. In other hand, I have a plan to complete my half religion after my research done or when my paper published (around 2017-2018, amiin). When that time coming, I hope I can marry with someone that I love because of Allah swt have written our name to be together forever ever after. 

For me, excuses are useless and result is priceless. So, here my goals for 2015 (listed by priority) :

1. Research : do the research nicely with good result
2. Paper : if can, by the end of december will start writing paper
3. learn Nihon go : 1000 kanji and active speaking
4. Increase ibadah 
5. Watch Formula 1 directly in Japan (my dream since I was 10 years old :D)
6. Networking among the Indonesian or japan people in Japan.
7. Sharing about experience here in blog, twitter, and Facebook.
8. Gain muscle
9. Follow half/full marathon in Japan
10. Buy DSLR camera

Bismillah. 2015 is time to change. No more sad and feeling down like in initial year of 2015.
December 31st, 2014

Kenny Lischer
Takayama, Ikoma, Nara, Japan


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  1. excelent!!
    Tapi kalau boleh tanya, kenapa prioritas increase ibadah no.4? Ga yang no.1 kah? #peace

  2. Gue akan susul bahasa kanjinya...!

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